D_D Mindfulness Guide

Tips for Staying Based While Working in Web3

Mindfulness Tips

  • Set aside time when you wake up/before you go to bed when you will not be connected to the internet (try 15, 30, or 60 mins)
  • Creating different contexts for the various activities you do throughout the day can help you turn your brain off/on when you need to. For example: don't eat in the seat where you do your work, don't watch Netflix where you sleep, etc.
  • In the moment before you shift your focus from what you are currently doing to something else, take a pause, and make sure you are present. Doing this can help you bring more awareness to your decision-making


  • I highly recommend the book/audiobook Clarity and Connection by Yung Pueblo. It's a short read that explores our natural emotional responses and how you can use mindfulness to gain control over your reactions to them
  • The Be Here Now Network offers educational resources + podcasts that cover topics related to mindfulness. My personal favorites are Metta Hour and Being In The Way, both of which can be found on Spotify/Apple Podcasts/YouTube

Meditation Tips

  • Start small and build up gradually. Try sitting for one minute at a time, then two, then five. Most people today feel uncomfortable sitting quietly with no stimulus streaming in from their phone, so remember that this feeling of uncomfortability is a sign you need it
  • Don't worry about meditating "correctly." The experience of meditation is different for everyone, and so are the results. Go into sessions with an open mind and the commitment to not think about the million other things you have going on (they will still be there when you are done)
  • Being proactive about your mental health is hard, but taking steps to work on it is important. Establishing a consistent meditation routine can be great for your stress, anxiety, and mood. If meditation doesn't work for you, look for other things that you find "meditative" (ex: running), and carve out time to do those activities consistently


  • Waking Up is a fantastic meditation app/program that works for both spritual/non-spritual types. It's available on the app store, and they offer free scholarships if you cannot afford to pay for the program
  • There's a bunch of good meditation programs out there. A few of the most popular ones are Headspace, Calm, and Ten Percent Happier